For those of you who have used both the WW app and the iTrackBites app:

I have only used the iTB app. My dailies seem super high. I was on WW years ago and I remember them being much lower, of course, I was at a lower weight back then too. So… I found a points calculator online and sure enough online is showing about 10sp LESS than the iTB app. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I found two points calculators online.. they’re both equaling 36/37 points. The Classic itrackbites program gives me 37points. The “Smart Bites” had me at 47sp/day! That’s way too high! That’s well over 2000 cal a day. No wonder I’ve been a turtle loser! I think I’ll switch to classic for a while and see how that works for me.. 😉

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